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I feel the need to tell you this...

2009-04-18 19:28:13 by Pilp

I said a while ago that I am emo, I no longer am (thank god!). I've been punk for a couple of weeks now. Like old-school punk (even though I'm Straight Edge :P). I don't know why I needed to tell you this, I guess I was just bored and wanted to make a news post.

Random sites you may (or may not, I'm not to arsed to be honest) add me on:
My MySpace: PilpSpace
My YouTube: PilpMangaka

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Haha! We are weird! Look at all my badges! xD

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This is what I was recording... x]

Also I am now Straight Edge.

I am bored, yet again!

2008-08-24 20:37:55 by Pilp

I am bored, please comment to keep me amused! *cry cry* *cry cry*

Hmm. . .

2008-05-27 13:49:59 by Pilp

I'm starting to think I have too many favorites. . .


2008-05-22 12:31:16 by Pilp

I am now Emo (in fact I have been for weeks now).

2007-10-23 11:15:12 by Pilp

I was just about to make a temporary piczo site called coz . . . well . . . my user name is Pilp, but someone had already made one!!!! And his name was Phil, talk about coincidence!!!! Well that made me angry coz now I've got to wait till I get a real website!!!!! But I mean what are the chances?! If you've read what I've put under my name, gender, location and job you'll know that I got my user name Pilp by accident, so how did he get the name, HOW?!!?!?!????!!!!!?!!??!!