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Entry #6

I feel the need to tell you this...

2009-04-18 19:28:13 by Pilp

I said a while ago that I am emo, I no longer am (thank god!). I've been punk for a couple of weeks now. Like old-school punk (even though I'm Straight Edge :P). I don't know why I needed to tell you this, I guess I was just bored and wanted to make a news post.

Random sites you may (or may not, I'm not to arsed to be honest) add me on:
My MySpace: PilpSpace
My YouTube: PilpMangaka


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2009-04-18 19:31:58

haha, im not really emo either :p
i wanna change my name but it wont let meh.
but punk is freakin' amazing

Pilp responds:

You should complain about the name thing xP Haha!


2009-04-18 19:39:42

they say i gotta start a new account 2 have a new name but i is 2 lazy

Pilp responds:

LoL Call them fascists! That's what I do when people disagree with me! xD


2009-04-18 19:45:51

Fitting in with any social clique is a waste of time. Be yourself and ignore the labels. Seriously.

(Updated ) Pilp responds:

I dress and act like a punk. Even if I didn't say I was punk, it wouldn't change the fact that I am. That's why I don't say "I don't subscribe to labels!" And other bullshit statements like that. Everyone does, just some people try and act all "original" by saying they don't. I'm not about image, if I'm punk, I'm punk. No point trying to deny it.


2009-04-18 19:51:40

thanks for commenting on my page man :P

Pilp responds:

Haha! No probs :P


2009-04-18 19:51:48

meh.. 2 much work

Pilp responds:

Haha! Fair enough!


2009-04-18 20:22:04

You were probably never even emo in the first place. Emos are suicidal maniacs that sit in their room all day.

Pilp responds:

I wasn't suicidal, but I dressed emo and listened to their music.


2009-05-18 14:21:54

Are you saying we're emo?

Pilp responds: